About Us

Mooneh, Jordan’s largest logistics Hub is an investor in storage capacity and warehouse infrastructure.
Mooneh is an elite logistical support hub for a wide range of food and non-food industry drivers. Armed with integrity, authenticity, and a vision for excellence, Mooneh Logistics through continuous expansion has rapidly become the premier provider for FMCGs, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, as well as Humanitarian & Welfare Emergencies across the kingdom.

High standards of excellence drive Mooneh’s ethos, thus delivery of an optimum brand experience is guaranteed while preserving product integrity and transparency. With proven methods for success, Mooneh Logistics has become the leading choice for traders, authorized dealers, and exporters in the region.

Aspiring to expand on his vision, Abu Shehab established an Emergency Complex in cooperation with international humanitarian NGO to creatively disrupt Relief & Recovery Operations in humanitarian emergencies & welfare support.

As the deputy manager juggling the largest logistics enterprise, Oday ventured to break ground and expand his logistics hub to a total area of 860 thousand ft2 that entails: temperature-controlled bonded warehouses, certified JFDA Pharmaceutical Warehouses, Humanitarian Free zone complexes that includes logistics learning centers and maintenance workshops.

Furthermore, as the initiator of logistical table discussion panels in Jordan, Abu Shehab seeks to reflect his mission by engineering novel proactive plans that create and enhance logistics infrastructures and intensify value chains to mitigate mass displacement challenges.

Abu Shehab views the current challenges in the logistics infrastructure within the humanitarian context as a newborn demanding considerable attention from key stakeholders in the field; and aims to be well prepared and equipped to use them as stepping stones to rise above normalcy in the industry with zeal, innovation, and unmatched approaches.