Mooneh, Shedding Light on Supply Chain Distribution Solutions

As awareness of the importance of supply chain distribution grows, so does our client portfolio. We invest in the latest technological advancements including Last Mile Delivery Systems.

In today’s connected world, businesses need services that streamline their supply chains and improve operational efficiency. That’s why Mooneh employs end-to-end cloud ERP and supply chain partners. The smart functionalities and flexible deployment make it easy to set up and tailor workflow to fit sales processes. This platform empowers our customers with connected, intuitive, and adaptable cloud-based software technology and infrastructure. It seamlessly links businesses to their supply chain networks and integrates system landscapes, providing powerful analytical tools to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

For example, the kingdom’s pharmaceutical stock is dispatched through a fleet of more than 100 trucks from one distribution center. By digitizing operations, Mooneh automates shipment planning, improves truck utilization, and accelerates proof of delivery.

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