Relief and Recovery Operations

Amid the ongoing challenges faced by our neighboring countries, Mooneh, as a participant in humanitarian logistics, is actively engaged in the establishment and enhancement of infrastructures designed to alleviate the impacts of wars and disasters.

Mooneh’s humanitarian aid vision aims to streamline the humanitarian logistics supply chain, leveraging Jordan’s strategic position as a hub connecting various neighboring nations. This comprehensive approach involves diverse activities such as procuring, storing, and transporting essential resources like food, water, medicine, as well as other supplies. Furthermore, it encompasses the mobilization of human resources, necessary machinery, and equipment, addressing the needs of both the injured and those affected before and after disasters occur.

Recognizing the challenges in the current humanitarian logistics infrastructure, Mooneh perceives it as a nascent system requiring significant attention from key stakeholders in the field. Through ongoing discussions, Mooneh is keen on understanding the underlying reasons contributing to this predicament. This includes the necessity for innovative and robust logistics systems capable of effectively managing various types of disasters, conflicts, and accidents, while minimizing their adverse effects on human lives and economies.