Mooneh Shedding Light on its First Class Pharma Warehouse

Mooneh’s state of the art Pharma Warehouse integrates healthcare initiatives across its value chain and reinforces safety and security measures through compliance with the JFDA regulations. Mooneh’s specialized pharma warehouse is developed to serve the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Pharma Warehouses and vehicles are both temperature-controlled according to product storage specifications. GPS tracked with remote temperature monitoring and operate according to Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guidelines, ensuring safe storage, transit and delivery of all pharmaceutical products and narcotics.

Mooneh logistics which has strict quality assurance parameters and is compliant with JFDA regulations provides supply chain services and solutions ranging from delivery of raw materials into the manufacturing process to drop off of produced drugs and equipment to distributors. Mooneh owns the logistics, masters the skills and industry expertise to support highly complex healthcare supply chain across all sea, land, and air modes.

Mooneh Logistics guarantee safe transit and delivery of all healthcare and pharmaceutical products as vehicles are temperature controlled, for both ambient and cold chain products. Delivery is GPS tracked and have remote temperature monitoring and operate according to international guidelines, ensuring safe transit and delivery of all products.