Mooneh and ICRC Signs MoU

In the face of various crises and neighboring catastrophes, it’s undeniable that natural calamities and regional crises cannot be avoided or controlled. However, through the robust humanitarian efforts of logistics solutions, it is possible to mitigate the impact of any untoward situation.

In a bid to provide welfare during humanitarian emergencies, Mooneh Logistics collaborates with the NGO in discussions concerning emergency relief and development settings. The aim is to offer a swift response to people in need and provide logistical support for both immediate and long-term assistance.

During these discussions, the partners explore means to disrupt the current logistics infrastructure and devise solutions to enhance safety and security measures. They unanimously agree to collaboratively develop logistics capabilities and deliver highly efficient and effective emergency assistance.

As part of its social responsibility initiative, Mooneh underscores its dedication to collaborating with the NGO to facilitate the transportation of essential supplies, including food, medicine, and other relief items, to locations where they are urgently needed across the region.

The primary responsibility both partners shoulder is to provide and deliver the requested supplies and services promptly and efficiently. In the immediate aftermath of emergencies, these supplies, crucial for survival such as food, water, and medicine, among others, are stored by Mooneh.