A Strategic Alliance with Nestle

Mooneh, a leading logistics hub, has entered into a strategic alliance with Nestle, a well-known international company that imports and distributes products from 26 countries. Mooneh has significantly expanded its operations by adding 3000 pallet positions to its warehouse space, utilizing over half of its new facilities.

Mooneh’s focus remains on providing comprehensive logistical solutions and services to both consumers and customers. In line with this, Mooneh has digitized its operations to meet the standards set by “Nestle Good Warehousing Practices.” This will introduce greater flexibility into warehousing and distribution operations to better respond to the evolving needs of its customers.

By continuously expanding its storage and throughput capacity, Mooneh is well positioned for future growth and success as a leading logistics hub. With its commitment to providing the latest products and services in the logistics world, Mooneh is poised to continue its upward trajectory and make a lasting impact in the logistics industry.