A Provider Operating on Behalf of Leading Pharmaceutical Corporations

In the constantly changing field of pharmaceuticals, Jordan has emerged as a hub of innovation and collaboration, with companies like Pharma International leading the way. A Jordanian pharmaceutical giant, Pharma International has transitioned to become a global player in the industry; what started as a local endeavor has blossomed into an international success story.

Pharma International’s key factor to growth and expansion is its strategic collaboration with Mooneh, an innovative expert in pharmaceutical outsourcing, and a warehousing specialist. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards the future, where two Jordanian powerhouses are synergizing their strengths for a common goal which is to strategize outsourcing to bring balance into the Health Care Provider Supply Chain. Pharma Internationals’s decision to outsource its pharmaceutical inventory and warehousing management to Mooneh showcases a forward-looking approach, allowing them to focus more on manufacturing while entrusting their supply chain to the experts.

Mooneh’s fulfillment center will enhance the efficiency of provided services, specifically in areas of order processing, inventory management, and order competition. This improvement will result in shorter turnaround times, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction. By offering an extensive suite of services, including inbound handling, reverse pick-up, kitting, repackaging, and comprehensive logistics planning, continuous end-to-end solutions can ultimately as well as effectively address and guarantee a wide range of customer requirements.

Mooneh’s expertise lies in meeting the intricate logistical demands of pharmaceutical companies. The emphasis on standardization ensures operational efficiency and brings balance to the healthcare provider supply chain thus focusing on manufacturing; a crucial factor in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jana Abushehab, a Healthcare Supply Chain Specialist at Mooneh, said, “We continue to both drive and maintain revenue quality as well as benefit from our sustained investment in efficiency. Our performance compared to the industry means we are confident in unlocking the potential of our balanced healthcare supply chain business model.

“We maintain our commitment to invest in optimization measures across the economic cycle. This was shown in our newly launched full integration between our warehouse management system and our ERP system, which focuses on digitalizing the overall enterprise for higher efficiency levels within the support functions, as well as across our operations, boosting operational productivity.

“The continued growth in the pharmaceutical sector across the region shows some signs of optimism towards the end of the year. Accordingly, we will continue to improve the efficiency of our services, enhance customer experience, strengthen road networks, improve resourcing, and make other targeted operational improvements across our four products – putting us in a strong position to capture market share and deliver long-term value for our shareholders.

“We believe the key differentiator in the months ahead will be our ability to invest in technology, along with our geographic and business line diversification, which offers a competitive advantage.”

Mooneh’s emergence further cements its role in the success of leading pharmaceutical corporations like Pharma International. This partnership serves as a tribute to the power of local innovation.

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