Storage solutions quality of your commodity

A principal role Mooneh plays while operating in the consumption sector is offer dependable, safe, and prompt services in the multiple arrays directing this business, covering the areas of:

Warehousing and Inventory Management

With the capacity to store fresh produce, poultry, meat, and fish our frozen warehouses are maintained between 0-18°C for long and short-term storage options.

FMCGs & Retail

Mooneh offers B2B transport and storage of FMCG’s. With its capacity to store poultry, meat, and fish, Mooneh’s refrigerating warehouses are maintained between -18C°- 0C° for long and short term storage options.

Dry Storage

Mooneh has the capacity to sufficiently house over 21,000 pharmaceutical and electronic pallets where temperature is strategically controlled to be kept between -18C° to 25C° & a relative humidity that does not exceed 50%.

Bonded & Non-Bonded Storage

Cutting edge bonded and non-bonded facilities are tactfully located within close proximity, 15KM, to the Amman customs facility thus remaining practically close to customized requirements. Mooneh further aids importers to benefit from bonded services by suspending duty fees for a limited period of time until the time of export arrives to maintain clients’ liquidity.

Humanitarian Aid

Mooneh plays a major role in Jordanian relief projects for the Syrian & Yemeni refugees through logistical partnership with international NGOS.

Pharma and Healthcare Logistics

Mooneh optimizes the handling of healthcare products, pharmaceuticals logistics, as well as offers high quality and cost effective solutions.