over 2,600 packages were distributed in 2021

Distribution and Domestic Transportation

Our specialized distribution services guarantee the on-time delivery of the freshest produce to superstores, airports, restaurants, and hotels. Mooneh has expanded its distribution services to ensure patrons are offered complete transparency of logistical procedures, permitting clients to view up-to-date time logs, stocking levels, and expenditures.

Our clients’ comfort is vital, that’s why we offer the luxury of creating personalized budgets and inventory notifications, giving our clients complete autonomy of their brand.

Our international transport system optimizes movements, enhancing asset utilization, and empowering customers with data driven insights into their operations including:

  • Critical Summary view of delivery operations
  • Route Optimization
  • Dynamic Route Optimization
  • Real-Time Visibility & Live Tracking
  • Real-Time Alerts & Notifications
  • Advance Analytics & Reporting
  • Real-Time Capture Proof of Delivery